SPANDREL-Journal of SPA – New Dimensions in Research of Environments for Living.

To promote quality research in the areas of Architecture, Planning and Design, the School publishes an international journal “
SPANDREL”- Journal of SPA: New Dimensions in Research of Environments for Living( ISSN 2231-4601).The journal is a bi-annual publication with Spring and Monsoon issues.

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Theme-  Sustainable Development and Vernacular Architecture.
Issue Editor :
Dr.Sanjeev Singh

Prof. Manjusha misra
Schedule for the issue
Call for Paper: 15th October 2012
Last Date for Submission of Paper for this issue:15th March 2013
Publication of Issue 2013

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About the Issue

Traditional societies have worked out intricate ways of ensuring they do not damage the natural environment and its resources essential to survival. The wisdom built into vernacular architecture is only just beginning to be appreciated, after generations of scorn as backward and crude. The June 2013 issue of the Spandrel is dedicated to planning for sustainable development and the wisdom of vernacular as sustainable architecture. The issue welcomes contributions in the form of papers and book reviews on the subject.
1. Studies in vernacular and sustainable architecture, with an understanding of its context in contemporary development, especially urbanisation
2. Critical analysis of traditional vernacular landscapes, gardens, water management systems and solid and liquid waste management
3. Vernacular and sustainable architecture in relation to the use of energy in buildings
 4. Vernacular and sustainable materials, structural systems and techniques
5. Innovating the vernacular principles for sustainable architecture and urbanisation
6. ‘Appropriate’ architecture – technological innovations for ‘local’ solutions

The list above is not limiting and intends only to suggest the different ways in which the subject may be approached. The editors for this issue welcome all papers which can enrich the issue with information and knowledge about planning and architecture for sustainable development.     

SPANDREL – May 2014
Theme- Urban identities and emerging city forms.
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SPANDREL -Seventh Issue, Theme - ‘Historic Urban Landscapes’